Hose Selection Information

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Hose Dimensions
(A) I.D.
(B) O.D.
(C) Length
    (state whether overall length or
    length excluding couplings)
(D) Tolerance limitaions     (if normal RMA
    tolerances can not be used)
Type of Service
(A) Material to be conveyed through hose
    1. Chemical name
    2. Concentration
    3. Temperature extremes low
    4. Solids, description and size
(B) Working pressure (including surge)
(C) Suction or vacuum requirements
(D) Velocity
(E) Flow Rate
Operating Conditions
(A) Intermittentor continious service
(B) Indoor or outdoor use
(C) Movement and geometry of use
(D) Flexibility-Minimum bend radius
(E) External conditions
    1. Abrasion YES NO
    2. Oil (specify type)

    3. Solvents (specify type and concentration)

    4. Acid (specify type and concentration

    5. Temperature range
    6. Ozone
Uncoupled Hose
(A) Bulk or cut to length
(B) Ends
    1. Straight or enlarged
    2. Capped or raw (uncapped)
    3. Soft ends or wire to end
Coupled Hose, Fittings
(A) Factory Applied
(B) Field Applied
(C) Type of Fitting
    1. Type of female
    2. Male or Female
    3. Reusable/field attachable
    4. Non-reusable
(D) Material for fittings
    1. ANSI
        or SAE
        or ASTM metal
        composition specifications
    2. See page 75-79
Hose with Built-in-fittings
(A) Ends
    1. Threaded (type of thread)
    2. Grooved YES/NO
    3. Beveled for welding YES/NO
    4. Integral flange
(B) Flanges
    1. Type
        (threaded, slip on, welding neck, lap joint)
    2. Pressure rating
    3. drilling
(C) Material and dimensions
    ANSI (or SAE or ASTM) composition
        and specifications
    2. Treatment for specific services
Hose Now in use
(A) Type of hose
(B) Service life being obtained and description
    of failure
(C) Service life desired
Special Requirements of Properties
(A) Electrical and static conductive
(B) Flame resistent
(C) Sub-zero exposure
(D) Non-contaminating to material

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