OIL-ONLY These Oil-Dri Products Absorb Oil Only While Repeling Water
They Absorb or Skim Petroleum-Based Fluids off Water in Industrial &
Marine Applications
OIL-DRI Poly Sock
Oil-absorbing polypropylene sock absorbs petroleum-based fluids such as oily rainbow sheen or tramp oil in marine and industrial plant applications.
Oil-Dri Pads 100, 200 and 50
Our most popular selling pads. Primarily used for absorbing only petroleum-based fluids off land or water. Use this pad when you require the maximum amount of absorption at the fastest possible rate.
Oil-Dri Poly SockPrice/Bale Oil-Dri Pads 100, 200 and 50Price/Bale
# of Bales1-56-1011+ # of Bales1-56-1011+
No. 090898 12 socks/bale 3"D x 48"L Absorbs 100 oz./sock 15 lbs./bale... No. 90850 100 pads/bale 3/8"T x 17"W x 19"L
Absorbs 74 oz./pad 19 lbs./bale
No. 90851 200 pads/bale 3/16"T x 17"W x 19"L
Absorbs 37 oz./pad 19 lbs./bale
No. 90853 50 pads/bale 3/8"T x 38"W x 34"L
Absorbs 296 oz./pad 30 lbs./bale
OIL-Dri Bilge Sock
Absorbent polypropylene sock skims oil off water in confined spaces. Designed to work in even the tightest areas of boats, machine sumps, or drainage locations.
Oil-Dri Anti-Static Pads
Pads A-1750 No. 90876
50 pads/bale 3/16"T x 17"W x 19"L
Absorbs 37 oz./pad 5 lbs./bale
Pads A-3825 No. 90877
25 pads/bale 3/8"T x 34"W x 38"L
Absorbs 296 oz./pad 19 lbs./bale
Oil-Dri Bilge SockPrice/Case Pads A-1725 No. 90878
25 pads/bale 3/8"T x 17"W x 19"L
Absorbs 74 oz./pad 5 lbs./bale
# of Cases1-56-1011+
No. 90909 20 socks/case 3" x 18" w/rope
24 gals./case 9 lbs./case
Oil-Dri Pillow 10P
Polypropylene pillow removes oil from wter in confined areas. Works great in bilge areas of ships to prevent oily discharge. Helps comply with U. S. Coast Guard regulations. Clip attached for easy removal.
OIL-DRI Smart Pad
The smart buy when you're on a tight budget. Use to absorb low- volume petroleum-based liquid spills and drips. Ideal in low-traffic areas, underneath hoses and hard-to-reach areas.
Oil-Dri Pillow 10PPrice/Bale Oil-Dri Smart PadPrice/Bale
# of Bales1-56-1011+ # of Bales1-56-1011+
No. 90858 10 pillows/bale 8"D x 18"L
Absorbs 5.5 gals./bale 18 lbs./bale
... No. 90904 100 pads/bale 17"W x 19"L
Absorbs 59 oz./pad 14 lbs./bale

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