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MRO Maintenance & Repair Operations...Products for Absorbing Non-Aggressive Oils
and Water-Based Liquids (Hydraulic Oils, Cutting Fluids, Coolants, etc.)
OIL-DRI General Sock
Tubular absorbent sock filled with recycled newspaper is your best sock value. Keeps areas around machines clean, safe and dry from fluids, leaks and spills.
Cob-filled sock is moldable so it fits snugly around bases, corners and tight turns. Absorbs oil, coolants, cutting fluids and hydraulic leaks around bases of machinery
Oil-Dri General SockPrice/Box Oil-Dri LitePrice/Box
# of Boxes1-56-1011+ # of Boxes1-56-1011+
No. 90890 ˇ Box of 40 Socks ˇ 3"D x 48"L
Abosrbs 1 gal./sock ˇ 37 lbs./box
... No. 90862 ˇ Box of 40 Socks ˇ 3"D x 46"L
Absorbs 55 oz./sock ˇ 48 lbs./box
No. 90934 ˇ Box of 18 Socks ˇ 3"D x 72"L
Absorbs 2 gal./sock ˇ 31 lbs./box
No. 90936 ˇ Box of 10 Socks ˇ 3"D x 120"L
Absorbs 3 gal./sock ˇ 26 lbs./box
Oil-Dri Super General Sock with Strong Sontara Skin
No. 90752 ˇ Box of 40 Socks ˇ 3"D x 48"L
Absorbs 1 gal./sock ˇ 40 lbs./box
Other lengths available
OIL-DRI Universal 3-Step Roll
Treated, chemically inert polypropylene roll works as three products in one. Use it as a roll, a pad, or a sock. Product is perforated and can be easily cut to fit any of the three variations in minutes. Absorbs all liquids without guesswork.
Oil-Dri Universal 3-Step RollPrice/Bale
# of Bales1-56-1011+
No. 90514 ˇ 1 roll/bale ˇ 18"W x 50'L
Absorbs 23 gals./roll ˇ 5 lbs./bale
Oil-Dri Oil-Only 3-Step Roll
No. 90503 ˇ 1 roll/bale ˇ 18"W x 50'L
Absorbs 30 gals./roll ˇ 5 lbs./bale
OIL-DRIŽ Original Sock
Absorbent clay sock. Forms dikes or dams to control or contain non-aggressive fluids, keeping them from drains, sumps, etc. Sock is moldable.
Oil-DriŽ Original SockPrice
No. 90955
8 socks/box ˇ 3"D x 38"L
Abosrbs 68 oz./sock
40 lbs./box
Call 1-800-OIL-DRIP
for your local distributor.
Buy in full pallet
Quantities and save big money
OIL-DRI General Pillow
Quickly absorbs large non-aggressive spills. Recycled newspaper filler. Strong, polypropylene cover resists tears. Ideal for spill- prone areas.
Oil-Dri General PillowPrice/Box
# of Boxes1-56-1011+
No. 90919 ˇ Box of 16 pillows ˇ 16"L x 21"W x 2"H
Absorbs 2 gals./pillow ˇ 21 lbs./box

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