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"The Sling With Superior Abrasion Resistance."

TuffLift Brand Nylon Slings Offer Many Advantages:

(1) Superior Abrasion Resistant
Cordura Cover
Sling abrasion life is extended sub-
stantially beyond that of standard web slings becauseabrasion
resistant Cordura fibers encase the load-bearing yarns used in
Tuff-Lift Slings.
Additional wear-resistance, achieved by a special treat-
ment which is applied directly to the webbing -- helps
reduce the effects of abrasion.
One Black stripe iden-
tifies sling as having a
vertical rated capacity
of 1000 lbs. per inch
of width.

Double black stripes
identifies sling as
having a vertical rated
capacity of 2000 lbs.
per inchs of width.
Refer to Liftex Catalog LWS-84 for
performance characteristics
and guidelines on lifting as they
pertain to all nylon web slings.
(2) Black Stripes Classify Capactiy
Black marker yarns woven into the Cordura instantly
identify ligh-duty or heavy-duty web slings.
·Single Stripe -- Vertical Capacity is 1000 lbs. per inch of
width. (Web thickness in approximately 3/16").
·Double Stripe -- Vertical Capacity is 2000 lbs. per inch of
width. (Web thickness is approximately 5/16").
Note: The double stripe sling eliminates the need for two-ply single
stripe slings.
(3) Red Yarn Warning System
ALL TUFF-LIFT Web Slings have red indicator core yarns
to assist in determining sling wear or damage. If the core
yarns are visible, the sling should be replaced.
Liftex® Inc. Tuff-Lift Cordura® Surface Nylon Web Sling Specifications:
WebPartRated Capacities in Lbs.
TYPE I   2"CHA-1022,0001,6004,000
Single     3"CHA-1033,0002,4006,000
Stripe     4"CHA-1044,0003,2008,000
Double   2"CHS-2024,0003,2008,000
Stripe     3"CHS-2036,0004,80012,000
Stripe     4"CHS-2048,0006,40016,000
TYPE II   2"BHA-1022,0001,6004,000
Single     3"BHA-103,0002,4006,000
Stripe     4"BHA-1044,0003,2008,000
Double   2"BHS-2024,0003,2008,000
Stripe     3"BHS-2036,0004,80012,000
Stripe     4"BHS-2048,0006,40016,000
TYPE III  1"EE-1011"9"1,0008002,000
& IV        2"EE-1022"9"2,0001,6004,000
Single      3"EE-1031 1/2"9"3,0002,4006,000
Stripe      4"$EE-1042"12"4,0003,2008,000
Double    1"EE-2011"9"2,0001,6004,000
Stripe      2"EE-2022"9"4,0003,2008,000
TYPE V   1"EN-1012,0001,6004,000
Single     2"EN-1024,0003,2008,000
Stripe     3"EN-106,0004,80012,000
Stripe     4"EN-1048,0006,40016,000
Double   1"EN-2014,0003,2008,000
Stripe     2"EN-2028,0006,40016,000
Stripe     3"EN-20312,000,9,60024,000
Stripe     4"EN-20416,00012,80032,000

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