Quantity, catalog number, type – riveted or cottered when
optional, and chain length is the basic information needed
to order all chain. In addition for multiple strand chain, the
construction – press fit or slip fit if optional – must be specified.
When ordering attachment chain, the type and spacing of the
attachments must be specified.

NOTE: All chains are furnished with connecting links
unassembled unless otherwise specified.

10 -- #60-2   press fit 169 pitches long
18 -- #35      100 ft. reels
23 -- #60      cottered type 56 pitches long
  6 -- #50      57 pitches long, including 2 pitch offset
                      link and connecting link.
The following are various configurations in which chains are furnished.
1. If chains of a specific length are not required, order in some multiple of a stock length. One extra connecting link is furnished with every 10 feet of chain.
2. For specific length chains, it is preferable that the length be indicated in number of pitches, including the connecting link as normally furnished with each chain.
3. When an odd number of pitches of chain are required for connecting in an endless length, it should be indicated whether a single-pitch or two-pitch offset link is desired if option is available.
4. Occasionally, chains are required with two connecting links for attaching each end to other equipment parts. Such chains should be specified as so many pitches including “connecting line each end”.
5. If chains are used in some manner as to not require connecting links, they may be specified as so many pitches long “roller link each end”. Odd number pitch lengths are preferable as even number pitch lengths will require an offset link.
6. It is normal practice to furnish the connecting link loose; however, if more convenient for assembly purposes, chains may be ordered as so many pitches “endless”. In this case, please indicate whether they are to be riveted endless (permanent connection), or connected with connecting link (detachable).
7. The chain length should always be the complete length, including whatever connecting or offset links that may be required. If anything other than a single connecting link is required, it should be specified as in paragraphs 3 through 6.

Revised: 21 Sep 97
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