Part A.
Male adapter
with female
The size for couplers or adapters cor-
responds to the nominal size of the hose
or pipe to which it will be connected.
Standard sizes are: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2",
2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12".
Most fittings are available in brass,
aluminum and stainless steel. Other
metals are available on a special order
basis. Call us: in some instances we may
have stocks of special metal fittings.
Standard threads are NPT; however, we
stock many fittings with British Straight
and British Tapered threads and NST
Fire Hose Thread. Special threads can
be furnished also. Fittings with hose
shanks are designed for optimum reten-
tion, provided the clamps are installed
Part B.
Female coupler,
male thread.
Part A90.
Male adapter with 90
deg.; female thread.
Part C.
Female coupler
hose shank.
Part D.
Female coupler
female thread.
All of our fittings undergo rigid Quality
Control inspection and we constantly
examine the fittings for conformance to
our specifications. EVER-TITE fittings
conform to the MIL C 27487 specifi-
Part C90.
Female coupler with 90
deg.; hose shank.
Part E.
Male adapter
hose shank.
Part Dust Plug.
Adapter design.
Not to be used
for pressure
Part F.
Male adapter
male thread.
Part Dust Cap.
Coupler design.
Not to be used
in pressure
Part D90.
Female coupler with 90
deg.; female thread.

Dust Plugs and Dust Caps are not
designed for pressure applications.
Proper installation requires the use of
a substantial retaining chain or cable
as a safeguard.

A variety of chain types, in various
lengths, can be furnished. We can also
provide "S" hooks assembled to the
chain and fitting.
Part BB90.
Double female coupler
with 90 degree.
Part BA90.
Female coupler with male
adapter at 90 degrees.

Often 90 degree fittings
provide more efficient hook-
up especially in areas where
there is insufficient room
for generous hose bends.
These fittings are available
in a variety of commonly
used sizes and metals. In
some instances, reducer/
increaser combinations are
available, e.g., 3035C90AL
and 3040C90AL.

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