For specialized requirements where installation prevents the use of endless belts or for emer-
gency repairs, Jason offers open-end and link belting.

Open-end belting, perforated or solid, has an oil and heat-resistant
neoprene cover. Available in four V-belt sections as shown below, in
164-foot rolls.

Stud-link V-belting is available in four V-belt sections as shown below.
Supreme, is now the standard construction. It is recommended for
extra-heavy duty drives. Has a polyester fabric impregnated with oil,
heat and water resistant urethane.
A stud-link attachment tool is also available.

Open-end V-belting >/tr>
03L(3/8" Top Width)
A(1/2" Top Width) Acculink. Detachable tab type link belting.
Make endless with a simple twist, no tools
required. Polyester fabric is impregnated
with a premium polyurethane compound.
Jason's exclusive manufacturing process
makes Acculink the most precise belt of its
type, for optimum sidewall fit with the pulley.
B(21/32" Top Width)
C(7/8" Top Width)
Standard roll length 164'.
Stud-Link V-belting
0/3L(3/8" Top Width)Acculink
A-LINK(1/2" Top Width)3L
B-LINK(21/32" Top Width)A
C-LINK(7/8" Top Width)B
Sold only in 50' and 100' lengths.Sold only in 25' and 100' lengths.

O-Rings for Packaging and Conveying

O-Rings are constructed of solid Ure-
thane in all standard Red-Go, Orange-
Go and Clear-Go round and V-
sections. All are available in 85
A Durometer with Clear-Go
in 85 A and 95 A Durom-
eter. They're highly
elastic with excellent
memory, have a high
coefficient of friction
and accommodate
misaligned shafts.
Order by straight cut
length measure-

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