Variable speed V-belts

American Standard Sizes.

For drive applications with a speed change requirement Jason
offers standard American variable speed belts in widths from
3/4-inch through 3-7/8-inches. Pitch lengths are available in
lengths from 21.5 inches to 169 inches. These include all of the
recommended RMA sections, plus many more covering a broad
range of applications.

These belts conform to RMA Engineering Standard IP-25.
The standard RMA numbering system specifies the belt width in
sixteenths of an inch, the pulley V-groove angle in degrees and
the belt pitch length in tenths of an inch. For example:

32 36V 369
(32/16)36 degrees (369x.1)
2 inchesSheave 36.9 inches
WidthAngle Pitch Length

American Variable speed V-belts
1228V255 1626V653 1922V484 1930V585 2322V441 2526V314 2830V366 2926V1006 3230V710 4830V850 6136V756
1422V235 1626V661 1922V526 1930V591 2322V461 2530V300 2830V367 2926V1026 3230V821 4830V970 6236V725
1422V240 1626V770 1922V544 1930V600 2322V481 2530V309 2830V393 2926V1086 3230V850 4830V1000 6236V762
1422V270 1628V210 1922V554 1930V641 2322V486 2530V470 2830V396 2926V1106 3230HV553 4836V588 6236V785
1422V290 1628V315 1922V604 1930V691 2322V521 2530V490 2830V422 2926V1146 3230HV570 4836V608 6236V849
1422V300 1632V210 1922V630 1930V750 2322V541 2530V530 2830V428 2930V348 3230HV585 4836V618 6236V905
1422V330 1632V220 1922V646 1930V791 2322V601 2530V550 2830V567 2930V492 3230HV613 4836V642 6236V969
1422V340 1632V250 1922V651 1930V891 2322V604 2530V575 2830V666 3028V386 3230HV620 4836V655 6236V1009
1422V360 1822V207 1922V666 1930V991 2322V621 2530V595 2836V343 3030V387 3230HV644 4836V659 6236V1321
1422V400 1822V290 1922V686 1930V1091 2322V661 2530V610 2836V350 3226V392 3230HV670 4836V670
1422V420 1822V320 1922V706 1930V1191 2322V667 2530V618 2836V361 3226V395 3236V342 4836V700
1422V440 1822V328 1922V721 1934V371 2322V681 2530V630 2836V380 3226V400 3236V369 4836V710
1422V460 1822V551 1922V726 2026V422 2322V701 2530V660 2926V366 3226V433 3236V389 4836V729
1422V466 1822V590 1922V756 2026V474 2322V721 2530V670 2926V400 3226V434 3236V552 4836V750
1422V470 1822V629 1922V806 2026V645 2322V801 2530V690 2926V426 3226V439 3236V584 4836V789
1422V480 1826V250 1922V846 2028V447 2322V826 2530V700 2926V471 3226V450 3236V643 4836V800
1422V520 1828V368 1922V891 2030V381 2322V846 2530V710 2926V477 3226V465 3326V478 4836V850
1422V540 1832V338 1922V966 2032V624 2322V886 2530V730 2926V486 3226V505 3430V450 4836V900
1422V600 1922V250 1922V1006 2042V1035 2322V921 2530V740 2926V491 3226V514 3430V510 4836V950
1422V660 1922V256 1922V1146 2126V309 2322V964 2530V750 2926V521 3226V545 3432V450 4836V1000
1422V720 1922V277 1922V1260 2126V365 2322V1001 2530V790 2926V546 3226V585 3432V456 4836V1060
1422V780 1922V282 1926V250 2126V468 2322V1061 2530V840 2926V574 3226V603 3432V484 4836V1120
1426V298 1922V292 1926V275 2226V276 2322V1271 2530V890 2926V586 3226V650 3432V528 4836V1180
1430V215 1922V298 1926V333 2226V307 2326V310 2530V934 2926V606 3226V663 3630V455 4836V1250
1522V270 1922V300 1926V367 2230V266 2326V359 2530V990 2926V613 3226V723 3636V479 5126V938
1622V270 1922V302 1926V380 2230V270 2330V273 2530V1090 2926V616 3226V783 3826V465 5130V732
1626V218 1922V321 1926V390 2230V273 2330V338 2530V1187 2926V636 3226V834 3830V501 5130V787
1626V262 1922V332 1926V407 2230V275 2330V359 2530V1250 2926V646 3226V843 3830V510 5228V930
1626V304 1922V333 1926V542 2230V326 2330V537 2530V1290 2926V666 3226V903 3830V515 5230V652
1626V330 1922V338 1930V355 2230V375 2332V373 2530V1490 2926V686 3226V963 3830V517 5230V734
1626V339 1922V363 1930V375 2230V890 2426V343 2530V1690 2926V706 3226V973 3830V580 5230V867
1626V380 1922V381 1930V400 2322V329 2428V707 2626V369 2926V726 3226V1023 3830V587 5230V928
1626V384 1922V386 1930V425 2322V347 2428V806 2626V388 2926V776 3226V1083 3836V418 5430V783
1626V395 1922V403 1930V431 2322V364 2430V297 2630V345 2926V786 3230V419 3836V426 5636V750
1626V411 1922V408 1930V450 2322V372 2430V319 2636V332 2926V834 3230V528 3836V654 5636V774
1626V440 1922V417 1930V475 2322V373 2430V345 2822V778 2926V856 3230V553 4830V683 5636V845
1626V455 1922V426 1930V485 2322V384 2430V445 2826V412 2926V891 3230V560 4830V692 5830V756
1626V513 1922V443 1930V530 2322V396 2436V331 2826V452 2926V906 3230V585 4830V699 5836V737
1626V517 1922V454 1930V541 2322V421 2436V333 2830V337 2926V921 3230V613 4830V730 6036V850
1922V460 1930V560 2322V434 2526V302 2830V363 2926V966 3230V670 4830V750 6136V751

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