UniMatchTM multiple V-belts

Oil and heat-resistant.
Static dissipating.

The UniMatch construction eliminates belt set matching with its
multiple stocking problems.
Stock multiple V-belts are available in the five standard sections
listed below. Consult the main office for other sizes not listed below.
These belts conform to RMA Engineering Standard IP-20.

A Section Multiple V-Belts (1/2-inch Top Width, 5/16-inch Thick) Inside length plus 2 inches equals outside length.

B Section Multiple V-Belts (21/32-inch Top Width, 13/32-inch Thick) Inside length plus 3 inches equals outside length

C Section Multiple V-Belts (7/8-inch Top Width, 17/32-inch Thick) Inside length plus 4 inches equals outside length *Non-Stock

D Section Multiple V-Belts (1-1/4-inch Top Width, 3/4-inch Thick) Inside length plus 5 inches equals outside length

E Section Multiple V-Belts (1-1/2-inch Top Width, 1-inch Thick) Inside length plus 6 inches equals outside length

A18-3/4A43A71A100 B22-1/2B57B92B152 *C37-1/2C136D90E144
A19A44A72A102B23 B58B93B153*C39 3/4C140D105E180
A20A45A73A103B24 B59B94B154*C43C144 D120E195
A21A46A74A104 B24 1/2B60B95B157*C48 C148D128E210
A21 3/4A47A75A105 B26B61B96B158C51 C150D144
A22A48A76A106B27 B62B97B162C53C152 D158E240
A23A49A77A108B28 B63B98B163C55C153 D162E270
A23 1/2A50A78A110 B29B64B99B173C58 1/2 C154D171
A24A51A79A112B30 B64-1/2B100B175C60C158 E300
A25A52A80A114B31 B65B101V62-1/4C162 D173E330
A26A53A81A116B32 B66B102B184C63 1/4C166 D195E390
A27A54A82A118B33 B67B103B190C68C168 D205E420
A28A55A83A120B34 B67 1/4B104B192C70C173 D210E480
A29A56A84A124B35 B68B105B195C72C180
A29 1/2A57A85A128 B36B69B106C75 C190D225
A30A58A86A130B37 B69 1/4B107B210C80 C195D248
A31A59A87A133 1/2 B38B70B108B221C81 C204D255
A32A60A88A134B39 B71B110B223C83C207 D270
A33A61A89A136 B39-3/4B72B112B224 C85C208D285
A34A62A90A144B40 B73B114C90C210 D300
A35A63A91A158B41 B74B115B228C93C225
A36A64A92A162B42 B75B116B229C96C228 D330
A37A65A93A173B43 B76B118B240C97C240 D345
A38A66A94A180B44 B77B120B248C97 1/2 C248
A39A67A95A196B45 B78B124C98C255 D360
A40A68A96A197B46 B79B126B255C99C270 D420
A41A69A97A221B47 B80B127B259C100C276 D450
A42A70A98B48 B81B128B270C102C285 D480
B49B82 B130B276C105C297
B50B83 B132C106C300D540
B51B84 B133B292C109C303
B52B85 B134B300C110C314
B53B86 B135B315C112C315
B53 1/2B87 B136B330C116C330
B54B88 B140C118C345
B55B89 B144B345C120C360
B55 1/2B90 B148B360C124C390
B56B91 B150C128C420
Multiple V-belts are listed by an industry num-
ber where the letter indicates the belt section and
the number is the belt inside length in inches.
Raw edge, cogged multiple V-belts are listed
by industry number in which the first letter
indicates belt section, the X is a cogged
construction and the number is belt inside
length in inches.

Revised: 21 Sep 97
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