Soft foam rubber, approx. 15
Shore, high friction, general
transport purposes.
Studded polyvinylchloride,
approx. 40 Shore, studded
profile, incline/decline
conveyance, FDA approved.
SUPERGRIP- Polyvinyl-
chloride profile, approx. 30
Shore, high-friction profile for
incline/decline applications.
PVC White- polyvinylchloride
FDA approved, approx. 65
Shore, general transport
tasks, food industry.
LINATEX- natural rubber
approx. 40 Shore, high
friction, tough, resilient, e. g.
packing & feeds technology.
Nitrile rubber, approx. 65
shore, highly resistant against
vegetable oil and fat.
PU Hard- polyurethane,
approx. 80 Shore, high
abrasion resistance, e. g.
industrial applications.
PU- firm polyurethane foam,
approx. 40 Shore, abrasion
resistant, tough and
Soft polyether urethane,
forgiving soft foam, general
transport tasks.
UR- high-density, abrasive
resistant foam. Good
coefficient of friction, e. g.
glass/paper/labeling industry.
Polyamide fabric noise-
reducing, low coefficient of
friction, e. g. accumulation
conveyors. (PAR Topside -
PAZ Toothside)
Urethane Timing Belts are
used for many conveying applications.
Special covers for special products.

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