*All products are PTFE (DuPont's trademark is TEFLON) coated.
Seam Edge
(1" wide)

CHEMFAB provides a broad range of seam options suited
to the performance specifications of each belting system.
<1 Drive 10
Idlers 3
30 500/600 Alligator 3 mil Skived PTFE
<1 Drive 10
Idlers 3
25 500/600 Alligator 3 mil Skived PTFE
<1 Drive 10
Idlers 3
20 500/600 Alligator 3 mil Skived PTFE
<1 Drive 8
Idlers 3
45 400/450 Cable 3 mil Skived PTFE The carcass of CHEMFAB open weave belting is folded
back onto itself at each end and stitched into place. From
the apex of each fold, one or more fill (crosswise) threads
are removed to create a series of loops. The looped ends
are then meshed together and a joining pin is fed through
to complete the seam.
This method is a direct and reliable means
of creating a seam from the same material as the belt
<1/2 Drive 8
Idlers 3
40 400/450 Alligator 3 mil Skived PTFE
<1 Drive 8
Idlers 3
30 400/450 Cable 3 mil Skived PTFE
<1 Drive 6
Idlers 3
25 500/550 Alligator 3 mil Skived PTFE
<2 Drive 6
Idlers 3
20 500/550 Cable 3 mil Skived PTFE
Reinforcing strips of 5 mil or 10 mil
woven glass fabric coated with PTFE
are heat sealed and/or stiched
to the belt edge. Available in widths
from 1/2" to 2".
Heat sealed to the belt edge, this re-
inforcement is available in widths
from 1" to 1-1/2".
Seperate sections of material are folded over each of the
belt ends, then heat sealed and/or stiched in place. A
series of castellated or crenel notches cut into the apex
of each fold form a pattern of squared or tooth loops at
the belt ends. The ends are then meshed and joined by a
pin fed through the matched pattern of loops.
Produced with TCK (Kevlar, a superior
strength fabric, coated with PTFE).
High-temperature webbed synthetic fabric assures high-
strength performance of the cable seam. Alternately wo-
ven one side open and one side closed every 1/8", sec-
tions of synthetic material are folded over the belt ends
and stitched in place creating a series of loops parallel to
the width of the belt. These belt ends are then meshed
and joined by a wire fed through the complete seam.
Produced with high strength, high-tem-
perature synthetic fibers.
Belt edge reinforcement provides additional
support for pin guides, grommets and eye-
lets, protects belt edges from wear and un-
raveling and presents a uniform edge for
automatic tracing sensors. CHEMFAB of-
fers the following edge reinforcements with
all belting styles and recommends them for
use with porus or screen materials such as
TCK 1590, TCN 1590, TCK 1589,

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