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PTFE And Silicone Coated
Glass Fabrics
CHEMGLASTM represents the company's PTFE coated roll goods--versatile materials for chemically hostile, mechanically severe, thermally extreme and electrically demanding industrial conditions. These unusual materials maintain outstanding release characteristics and flexibility over a broad range of operating temperatures in varied chemical environments. CHEMGLAS products are typically composed of woven glass fibers coated with PTFE or silicone. A variety of substrates, thicknesses, weights and surface textures can be produced, in a diversity of styles. The primary benefits of CHEMGLAS roll goods include excellent release properties and superior chemical and electrical characteristics over wide temperature ranges. In addition, these products are dimensionally stable and resistant to distortion under heat and pressure. Conductivity and porosity can be controlled over a broad spectrum.
Applications in which these exceptional products are currently in use include:
·packaging/laminate press release sheets
·food processing
·composite release sheets for the aerospace industry
·electrical insulation and gasketing

High voltage cable insulation is produced from a self-amalgamating rubber
compound that is spread across a large blanket of CHEMGLAS (left),
rolled and baked at temperatures up to 290°F (145°C) for 35 hours. The
strong fiberglass substrate and high release PTFE surface allow the
CHEMGLAS to be peeled away from the cured rubber and reused extensively.
It also remains clean and thereby helps reduce contamination
of the insulation material.

Mica sheet insulation for large electric motors is produced utilizing
CHEMGLAS (above right). A very sticky, gummy compound of mica
flakes and adhesive is sandwiched between two sheets of CHEMGLAS
and simultaneously baked at temperatures up to 365°F (185°C) under
extreme pressure up to 3400 psi. The mica sheet is easily peeled away
from the high-release surface of the reusable CHEMGLAS.

A typical aluminum honeycomb adhesive laminate for an aerospace
application is produced using release sheets of CHEMGLAS fabric that are
stripped away from the finished product (bottom right). The controlled
porosity of the fabric allows the outgassing of volatiles, providing a
uniformly cured laminate.

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