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Teflon and Silicone
CHEMFAB weaves, coats and fabricates custom designed belts to meet specific applications requirements for maximum efficiency and lowest life cycle cost. Belting products typically are based on substrates of Kevlar*, Nomex* and glass fabrics coated with PTFE or silicone. Other substrates can be produced to satisfy customer needs for specific elongation, temperature and strength. Exceptional non-stick properties are the principal benefit of CHEMFAB belting products. Oher characteristics include dimensional stability, excellent release properties, thermal and chemical resistance and controlled permeability. Certain belts are available with high dynamic strength, flex fatigue resistance, low thermal mass and/or light weight.
Applications for CHEMFAB belting products include, but are not limited to: ·conveyor belts for baking and food processing
·fuse pressing belts used in apparel production
·belts for carpet and tile manufacturing
·heat sealing belts for packaging equipment
·textile and screen printing belts

Wide width belts from CHEMFAB
(above left) are used in screen printing
to transport imprinted garments
through drying ovens and cooling
chambers. These belts are long lasting
and perform well over a wide range
of operating temperatures.

CHEMFAB belts (above right) are used
successfully in food cooking. Food is
conveyed through ovens between two
PTFE coated belts. These belts are
easily cleaned, durable, heat-resistant
and low in porosity.

DURALAST® extended wear belting
(left) provides increased efficiency and
longer life for heat sealing equipment
used in packaging. The belt's superior
performance across wide temperature
ranges allows heating and cooling
to take place within the same channel,
with virtually no degradation of
the PTFE surface and/or substrate.

Teflon Screen Print
Dryer Belts

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