60", 48" and 36"
Belt Cutters
Enclosed blade is ratchet driven from
either end to ensure a quick and precise
cut of belting and other flat materials up
to 3/4" thick.
·Unit is compact, lighweight and
·An excellent accessory to the Roller
·Blade is enclosed for safe operation.

Belt Cutter Model and BladesItem No. PriceShip. Wt.
60" Belt Cutter18100-50134#
Replacement Blade18113-
48" Belt Cutter18100-40129#
Replacement Blade18113-
36" Belt Cutter18100-30125#
Replacement Blade18113-

14" Belt Cutter
Cuts belts up to 14" wide in one quick,
easy operation.
·Built-in cutting table ensures square cut.
·Belts can be cut in the middle of the
roll by opening the movable end.

Belt Cutter Model and AccessoriesItem No. PriceShip. Wt.
14" Belt Cutter14100-
14" Replacement Blade14105-
14" Replacement Nylon Block14107-
10" Replacement Blade01049-
10" Replacement Nylon Block01064-

#25 Belt Cutter
Designed with a sliding blade to cut
belts and tapes up to 1/8" thick and
up to 4" wide.
·5 extra blades included.

Belt Cutter Model and BladesItem No. PriceShip. Wt.
#25 Belt Cutter020024#
#25 Blades (Pkg. of 5) - Replacement02039-

48" Cutting SquareBelt Knife
Economical method to insure a square
cut for your belts.
·Knife channel guides blade for a
straight cut.
Handle on the belt knife has been
angled for user comfort when cutting
·Removable blade.

48" Cutting Square and Belt KnifeItem No. PriceShip. Wt.
48" Cutting Square608217-
Belt Knife622500-

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