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Staplegrip is a very strong belt fastener that is designed for modern lightweight, high strength belting. The hinged
plates are held in compression with high tensile stainless steel staples. The plates are designed to be operated
smoothly over slider bed or troughing conveyor applications.

A unique feature of this style of product compared to
conventional lighweight belt fasteners is that the staples
are clinched 90 degrees to the direction of the pull of
the belt. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for the staple
to open under load. The staples are also unique. While
other brands may be rectangular, with their narrow dimension in line with the pull of the belt, STAPLEGRIP
staples are oval shaped with smooth rounded edges. This design feature reduces the possibility of the staple dam-
aging belting fabric.

STAPLEGRIP may be used in hammer driven fixtures. Your work will be cut in half by using the CAI STAPLEGRIP
installation tool and pneumatic staple driver. Refer to the easy installation procedure shown in this catalog.

STAPLEGRIP lacing comes in the popular 125 and 187 size
which fit belts 1/8 - 1/4". The number 62 size is available for
thin belts that are between 1/16" and 1/8". The lacing is cross-
scored so it can easily be broken by hand to fit exactly any
belt width. Each box includes 4 sets of lacing with sufficient
hinge pins, staples, and installation instructions.

Staplegrip with its pneu-
matic Staple Gun SG-4450 and Lacing Tool, has been an innovation that has
been widely accepted since its introduction in 1992. The tool is available in
lengths from 12"-72". Not only does this system ease the pain of a hammer tool,
it yields a stronger belt splice. All work is 100% visible at all times during
installation. The Staple Gun drives each staple with the same uniform driving
force and the unique die cavaties of the Lacing Tool receive and clinch the staple
to within 80-90% of maximum clinch. That means that the fastener strip is placed
in compression and held in compression by the single initial driving force of the
Staple Gun. After all staples are driven into the strip, a single hammer blow
creates a smooth clinched staple - all without having to turn the belt over or pull
out misdirected staples. A fully clinched fastener which is uniform across the
entire belt width means a stronger splice that will last longer. Field tests have
proven STAPLEGRIP does last longer. Patent pending.

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