Elevator Belt Selection Chart -- St. Louis Factory Supply, Inc.
This chart when filled out completely will indicate the proper elevator belt to use in terms
of tension. Other factors such as bucket projections, chemical and/or heat exposure, and
service conditions will influence the type of belt to select.

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Conveyor ID:
Drive Info: elevator centers length and width of belt
Type and size of cups Cup spacing No of rows

1) Empty Buckets X lbs. = lbs.
(no. of buckets on (Wt. of each bucket)
ascending side)

2) Load in Buckets a. X
(Cu. Ins. in ea. Bucket) rated capacity (Cu. Ins. operting cap. of ea. bucket)
b. X
(Cu. Ins. Operating cap. of ea. bucket) (Cu. ins. per cu. ft.) (cu. ft. per bucket)
c. X =
(Cu. ft. per bucket) (Wt. of material. per cu. ft. 1 bushel = 1.24 cu. ft) (Wt. of material per bucket)
d. X = lbs.
(No. of buckets on ascending side) (Wt. of material per bucket)

3) Belt Weight X = lbs
(No. of ft. of belt on ascending side) (Wt. of belt per linear foot)

4) Dig Factor: 3 (elevator type factor)
(Load in buckets No 2 above) (Height (ft) of elevator)

Elevator a) 40' of buckets for centrifugal with lumpy material = lbs
type b) 25' of buckets for centrifugal with free flowing material
factor c) 10' of buckets for continous bucket elevators

5) Add totals #1 throught #4: Maximum Tension = lbs
(Add steps 1-4 above)

6) + =
(maximum tension) (width of belt) (max. tension per inch width)

7) select belt with next highest rated tension figure.
8) Belt Type Compound Rubber P.V.C.

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