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Conveyor Belt Order Sheet
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of proper conveyor belt for a specific conveyor belt recommendation.

Street Address:
Address 2:
City: State: Zip:
Phone:        FAX number:        Date:
Conveyor ID:

Material: %fines: Lump size: Wt/Cu Ft:
Max Temp: Avg Temp: Oil Cond:
                      Abrasion: Other Conditions:
Belt Length: Belt Width: Belt Speed:F.P.M.
                      conveyor setup:                              USDA or FDA YES NO

If Horizonal give C-C Ft. If Incline give C-C Ft. or Contour give C-C Ft.
and Vertical give C-C Ft. or Angle of slope

No. Drive Belt Pullys:
Arc of Contact
Motor Type
Type of Starting
Location: Warp:

Idler Angle Spacing: CarryingFt.In.
Diameter Carrying:
Special... Describe:
Return: Ft.In.
Return: In.
Loading:       Type: Spacing:Ft. In.
Take up Takeup TravelFt. In.
Takeup Location: Actual Take up Weight:
Splice: Valcanized Splice Mech. Fastner: Fastner Type:
Pully Diameters: DriveIn.
Take up:In.
Drive Snub: DriveIn.
Take up Bend:In.
Head: DriveIn.
Head Snub: DriveIn.
Loading Conditions From: Loading Point:
Total Vertical Drop: Ft. (made up of Ft. free fall and Ft. of Vertical
Height on Loading Chute at º angle to horizontal)
Discharge End Plow Tripper Lift Ft.
Other (Describe) Ft.
Previous Conveyor Belt: Width In. Fabric: Plies:
Quality Top Cover Pully Cover
Manufacturer Life
Pattern of belt failure Cover worn off Ply Seperation Carcass Breaks Other

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